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 according to GMP   standard 




Our micronization plants deliver optimal quality and purity. All our machines are operated by highly qualified employees with longstanding expertise in the pharmaceutical industry.

Particle size determination

Determination of particle size using laser diffraction and microscopy.

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About us

Family-run company 

mcko was founded in 2005. Our factory design is based on the latest requirements for API processing according to cGMP regulations.

Highest quality through expertise 

For more than 10 years, we have been the go-to partner and competent service provider for micronization on a contract basis. With expertise and state-of-the-art system technology, we have specialised in micronization of active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients.

Our commitment: Verified quality 

From a few grams up to several tons - We ensure verified quality for all batch sizes according to GMP standards.

Our range of services 

  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s)

  • Excipients

  • Food Additives

  • Cosmetic Products

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