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according GMP

Our micronization plants - The best choice for demanding products.

Micronization is carried out in a nitrogen atmosphere (medical grade), using oil-free compressed air and at low temperature. Closed systems allow for product handling in climate-controlled rooms. The whole process is carried out exclusively by well-trained employees with longstanding expertise in the pharmaceutical industry.

We offer micronization on 4 separate micronization lines of cleanroom class ISO 8.

Our Micronization lines
CGS 16 and CGS 32

Micronization is performed with nitrogen, oil free pressure air and both also at lower temperatures.

The product handling is performed in closed systems and air conditioned rooms. Well trained personnel with long experience in the pharmaceutical industry produce high quality products.

We offer the following micronisations according to GMP standard.

  • Micronization of APIs

  • Micronization Servcie

  • Particle size reduction

  • Particle size analysis

  • Milling of APIs


Batch sizes start with 3 kg.

Spiral jet mills

  • AS 50 (stainless steel)

  • AS 100 (stainless steel)

  • AS 315 (stainless steel)

  • SpiraNo 100 (plasma-coated)

  • SpiraNo 200 (plasma-coated)

Other mills available:

  • Pin-Mill

  • Cutting Mill

  • Bexmill

  • Pulverising Mill

  • Sieving machine

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